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Change the default directory of the main domain (Bluehost)

This is a quick post about the configuration you need to host your main domain from a subdirectoy. Read more

Upgrade PHP version on Ubuntu

If like me you always struggle when it comes to upgrade your PHP version here is a small on how to do it on ubuntu and the possible bugs and how to fi Read more

How to login with Kakao API (PHP)

I found myself the other day fighting with the Kakao API to implement an easy login function on my web app (PHP). So I thought I'd share here my exper Read more

Review Codeanywhere (online code editor) 2016

Looking for a collaborative online coding editor ? This review is for you ! I recently tried 5 or 6 different platforms to improve my productivity at Read more

Laravel 5 Instagram Feed Access

Finally I successfully accessed my instagram feed to display it on my website ! I feel it is the biggest achievement in my developer life. The road th Read more

Laravel 5 Useful Tips and notes

Very often I find myself spending precious minutes going trough my messy handwritten notes and previous projects to find little block of codes I alrea Read more

Raspberry PI online Jukebox

Ever wanted to turn your RPI into an online jukebox ? In this tutorial I am going to show you how to build your own RPI jukebox using Youtube-dl, Omxp Read more

Installation of a Web Server and Laravel 5 on a Raspberry PI 2

I waited a long time but I finally did it, I bought a Raspberry PI 2. When the mail man knocked at my door this morning, I was like a little boy the d Read more

[Laravel 5] Multiple files upload

Laravel 5 offers a few out of the box helpers to perform files upload and download but as usual I think the official laravel documentation lacks a bit Read more

Invalid default value for 'created_at' with Laravel 5 / Homestead v0.3.3

I came accross this problem after updating my version of homestead (on this version of homestead the MySQL version has been updated). Read more

[jQuery] Animate objects along a circular path

I recently had to animate a div along a circular path when clicking on a link this article demonstrates how to achieve this. Read more

Find out what a website is built with

Ever wondered what web technologies a website is using ? This is a short article presenting websites inspector tools. Read more

[IE8] Common problems and their solutions

We are in 2017, on the edge of flying cars and self-lacing shoes and yet some people like myself still need to work with obsolete versions of IE. Read more