valentin vannay


Find out what a website is built with


Ever wondered what web technologies a website is using ? Personally I do all the time ! I often want some information on coding trends and popular frameworks / scripts. For that I use 2 different tools very handy (I am sure there are plenty of others out there)  


The one I like the most is an add on available for Firefox and Chrome called Wappalyzer. This tool decorates your address bar with icons of the frameworks, scripts, server type etc... detected on the website you are visiting. I think this is very convenient because you don't have to do anyhting the information lays here on sight. And you would be surprise to see the technologies some big companies still uses in 2015 ! Download

Built With

Built With is a little more advanced tool, you actually have to pay for it if you want to access all the functionalities. But even with the free version you can have access to very interesting reports and statistics. You can enter any website addresses and BuiltWith will show you everything he detected on the website but also some other information about the companies (funding, employees, HQ...). One cool feature also is the possibility to generate reports. You can for example get a list of all the websites using Python. Source   Do not hesitate to suggest other tools, I'll update this article if I find better ones.